What We Do

H2o Animations offers a full VFX service and covers all aspects of post production, using the most up-to-date creative technology and software. We work on a wide range of productions such as feature films, shorts, commercials, documentaries and other audiovisual projects.

  • Color Grade

    H2O owns Pakistan’s first Color Grade Studio which is at par with most Hollywood studios. In fact the system that we have installed is of the same spec & brand on which Transformers 4 was graded. Capable of delivering color grade solutions for both commercial films and motion pictures, our Color Grade studio is now online and is being spear headed by some of the best post production technicians and artists in the country.

  • Online and comprehensive post

    Not only are we armed with the latest in DaVinci Grade and Composite console but our back end processing engine is perhaps one of the fastest in the world. Yes We can handle RAWfootage of up to 6K in real time, Grade it, composite it and edit it all in one go in one studio and on one machine. Simply put; Raw goes in and the final product comes out.

  • Stereoscopic 3D

    Yes we have the skills and technique to conceive and create animated features, films and TVCs in stereoscopic 3D. Be it for 3D broadcast, DVD or Cinema, you now don’t need to fly abroad to dazzle your audiences.

  • 4K preview

    Our Cinema Suite allows you to preview your completed work in true 4K on a large 65 inch screen, ideal for making sure that every commercial which goes through our post production pipeline is picture perfect and could be compared with the best of the best in the world where post value addition and tweaking is concerned.

  • VFX

    H2o has evolved into an internationally recognized Visual Effects studio, working with respected Directors, VFX Supervisors and Producers. We use the latest soft wares and powerful compositing tool, to create high quality visual effects including,

    • On-Set Supervision
    • Concept Art, Cartoony and Realistic Creatures
    • Environments, Vehicles, Products
    • Liquid / Fluid FX & Dynamic Simulations (Hair, Cloth, Fire, Destructions etc).

  • 2D Services and Compositing

    Our 2D and compositing department is prepared to fulfill any of our clients’ requests. Our crew – including supervisors & artists with many years of experience and can bring to life the most demanding and challenging projects. We offer wide range of compositing and 2D services that includes,

    • Rotoscoping, Wire Removal and Keying
    • Paint, Cleanup and Cosmetic Fixes
    • Set Extensions, sky replacements, 2D & 3D Projection Matte Painting
    • Complete Range of Digital Compositing.

  • CGI

    The CGI department models and textures the assets prepared required for visual effect shots. Using the best available tools (Maya, 3D studio Max, Zbrush) we create virtual sceneries, actors, and all other elements needed to compose a film shot. All our calculations are based on the render farm system.


    We work with FINAL CUT PRO, which allows an accelerated workflow for Alexa and Red footage and support full native ProRes.

    Our set-up allows instant access for screening and editing of RAW clips, including APPLE PRO RES, RED EPIC and Alexa Footage.